Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Day Rising III

May 11, 2013

We had lunchtime business around Brunswick East and tossed up our options: a trip back to Milkwood? CERES Cafe? Trying something new at Piano Piano? Nah, we couldn't resist the lure of bagel-based good times at New Day Rising. It's still tiny, still popular and yet somehow, we still managed to grab a table without having to wait. The staff are friendly and pretty efficient, keeping the small room buzzing and getting takeaways out the door before anyone gets impatient.

I finally got around to trying the Valoumi (bagel with grilled haloumi, mayo, chilli, tomato and rocket, $11).

This is outstanding - salty, spicy, juicy and just spot on. Bagels really are an excellent vessel for brunch.

Cindy cranked up the spiciness with the jalapeno, provolone and manchego toasted sammie ($9).

New Day Rising were short on jalapenos, so they subbed in some other small peppers. Which were hot. Super hot. Still, the creamy cheese and acidic, spicy peppers made for a fine, simple sandwich. One we're intending to whip up at home sometime soon.

New Day Rising is pretty fantastic - a veg-only cafe doing brilliant, cheap meals (nothing over $13) and combining ludicrous hipness with friendly, upbeat service.


Nobody seems to have blogged New Day Rising since we last visited. Check out our first visit here.
New Day Rising
221d Blyth Street, Brunswick East
veg brekkies $5-13
facebook page

Accessibility: A small step up on entry into a fairly crowded interior. You order at the table and just pay whoever you can grab by the coffee machine. The bathroom is accessed from outside somewhere - we've not checked it out.


  1. Thanks guys, you have given me a great idea of what to do with the what-seems-like-a-million pickled jalapenos I have in the fridge, put them in my toasties!

    1. Hi Em! Lucky you, enjoy those jalapenos. :-)

  2. After reading all three of your reviews on New Day Rising I really must get off my butt and head down there. That Valoumi looks amazing!

    1. Lisa, you couldn't do much better than the valoumi... these guys really know how to make a sandwich!