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27 November, 2011
Sunday somehow became one of our laziest days of the year. We got up late and had plenty of time to try out somewhere new for brekkie. By the time we pulled ourselves together and pedalled lazily northwards, we were sitting down to eat after 11. Luxury.

Milkwood is part of the new hip Brunswick East scene clustering around Nicholson and Blythe. We'd previously only made it to New Day Rising, so had our pick of Milkwood, Piano Piano and Pope Joan to explore. Milkwood's veg-friendly menu tipped us in its direction - we were surprised we could turn up and grab a table without waiting. It's a lovely space - white walls and big windows give it an airy, light-filled vibe and there's a charming assortment of white chairs and stools around the variously sized tables and benches.

The menu (surely the only bacon-free breakfast cafe menu outside of vegetarian places) is loaded with delicious-sounding options: lemon thyme mushrooms on ricotta toast ($15.50), tomato butter beans on toast with feta and mint ($14.50), porridge with baked orange blossom rhubarb and toasted macadamia and brown sugar crumble ($11.50) and on and on. Vegans and coeliacs will do okay here as well - it's a pretty inclusive menu.

I went with something vegan: warm cannelini bean, lemon and rosemary mash on toast with avocado ($14.50).

What a breakfast! The beans are reminiscent of A Minor Place's classic Henry's beans: hearty simple and perfectly seasoned - I really need to try to make something like this at home. The toast was cripsy but soft in all the right places- I didn't ask where the bread they use comes from, but it was excellent. The avo was perfect as well - ripe without being squishy and gross. A really fantastic meal.

Cindy went savoury as well (I was really hoping she would order the porridge so I could sneak a taste), going with one of the specials: toasted baguette with scrambled eggs, roasted red capsicum, feta, dressed greens and basil ($13.50). She also grabbed one of the sides for us to share: smashed potato with lemon zest, feta and chives ($4).

I stole a good chunk of the spuds, which were soft and lemony and completely unnecessary (seriously, the regular meals here are a full-sized breakfast). Cindy's baguette was a success as well - nicely scrambled eggs, divine feta and some colourful and tasty vegies to liven things up. It comes wrapped up and ready to go - surely one of the best takeaway breakfast options in town.

We'd spent at least half of the meal eyeing off the glorious sweets cabinet at the front of Milkwood.

By the time we were ready to leave our resistance was gone - we took home a couple of treats, which were the perfect way to accompany the rest of our lazy Sunday.

We had friendly and efficient service and I enjoyed the soy flat whites they served up - Milkwood ticked a lot of boxes for us. We'll be back to sample more in the very near future.


Lots of love for Milkwood from easy as vegan pie, Temasek, The Chronicles of Ms I-Hua,, Hookturns (twice), Broken Lense, The f-word, The Quince Poacher, Tour de Clance and Eat This. Little lady liked the food, but wasn't impressed by the service.


120 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East
9380 4062
breakfasts $4.50 - $15.50

Accessibility: There's a biggish step on the way in, and things are quite crowded inside. Ordering happens at the tables, but we paid at a high counter. We didn't check out the toilets.

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  1. yummo! I really want to try recreate that avocado/cannelini bean on toast combo, sounds so tasty :) x