Saturday, January 21, 2012

Killiney Kopitiam

January 15, 2012
As Lygon St approaches Queensberry St, the Italian spruikers give way to casual Asian eateries. One of the newer eateries is Killiney Kopitiam, an Aussie outpost of a Singaporean chain. It offers what I understand to be the usual range of kopitiam snacks, meals and drinks: toast, eggs, noodles, nasi lemak, coffee, tea and Milo.

Among them is a vegetarian laksa ($8.30). Michael wasn't too inspired by the eggs and veges within, but the coconut gravy was spicy and very, very tasty.

We liked the cold teh tarik ($3.30) too - sweet and filling, with the bitter edge of black tea.

My small snack of kaya toast ($2.80) seemed more like an accompaniment to the teh tarik than the other way around!

The savoury menu is dominated by meat curries, though there are a few eggy noodle dishes that look vegetarian-friendly (we didn't interrogate the staff about hidden shrimp paste so proceed with caution.) The drinks and desserts look easier to navigate. We're no connoisseurs of the kopitiam tradition and can't vouch for Killiney's authenticity, but it's great to have this style of eatery represented in the neighbourhood. I hope it brings the South-East Asians of Melbourne more joy and nostalgia than disappointment.

Killiney Kopitiam has had a mixed reception so far in the blogosphere; check out mochii eats, Who Told You That?, Makansudah!, EAT AND BE MERRY, FOR TOMORROW WE DIE(T), Couture Foodie and Oh So Yammy!.

Killiney Kopitiam
114 Lygon St, Carlton
9650 9880
veg dishes $2.80-8.30

Accessibility: Limited. The cafe is split level and high density, with orders made and paid for at a counter on the upper level.



    things i love: kopitiam. i'm excited!

    1. Steph, one day I want to have a potluck (or maybe group cooking session) where we make and eat vegan versions of ALL THE KOPITIAM THINGS.

    2. as soon as i finish my experimentation with veganising kaya, we are totally going to do this. because what is a kopitiam party without kaya?

    3. YAY. I suspect I might enjoy vegan kaya even more than the eggy stuff. :-)