Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bali-inspired banquet

September 11, 2011
Last Sunday Michael and I gathered with some fellow pesky-tarian bloggers to pay tribute to the vegan foods of Indonesia.

I arrived armed with peanut rice chips (this time with added lime zest, though none of us could taste it) and there were citrus-and-soda mocktails all round.

We moved on to a sweet and sour rujak...

... and mock crab cakes (recipe coming soon!).

Then the steamer provided...

chilli tempeh and...

... stuffed tofu!

The oven held stuffed eggplants.

Once we'd tasted them all we were pretty stuffed too.

There was dessert as well, would you believe, but that's a thing for another post.

In this one I'd just like to show you a kitchen with lovely light and the things we made in it.


  1. and that's my favourite kind of blog post - lovely light, lovely company, and the things we made!

    hanging out for the dessert recipe...x

  2. Gorgeous blog post. And I want to eat it all again, yum...!

  3. It was lovely to have my little house full of people with a passion for food, in a delightfully laid back way. Can't wait for round two.

  4. oh wooow... what an amaaazing spread, everything looks delish! you guys are so talented =)

  5. What a delicious get-together! Must've been satisfying and fun for all involved.

  6. Oo, lookin forward to these mock crab cakes. Also that stuffed tofu looks so cool. Wish we had large pieces of deep fried tofu over here.

  7. Thanks Lucy - it is a self-conscious homage to the Nourish Me aesthetic. :-D

    Thank you, Lisa! I'd love another round.

    AOF - thanks so much for hosting, we hope to reciprocate next time. :-)

    Thanks Winston! It's so much easier to get a feast together with this many pairs of able hands in the kitchen.

    Leaf - it really was. :-)

    Zo - the tofu was fantastic, even just steamed! The deep-fried original version that Lucy & AOF had must have been amazing.