Friday, July 22, 2011

July 16, 2011: Las Vegan IV

July 3, 2015: Las Vegan have announced that they're closing the cafe and going to focus exclusively on catering from now on - we've sampled their catering before and it's great.

On Saturday morning we checked out Las Vegan's relatively new breakfast menu... though it's pretty unstructured as menus go! A small blackboard listed scrambled tofu on toast with mushrooms, tomato and tempeh available as sides, then pancakes. Our waiter went on to explain that there was more that they could do: pancakes come in maple/tempeh-con (i.e. tempeh bacon) and sour cherry varieties, and they could also whip up avocado on toast, spiced eggplant on toast or raw muesli.

Michael didn't think long before ordering the tofu scramble on toast ($7) with mushrooms ($1) and tempeh-con ($2). The scramble and mushrooms weren't bursting with flavour, though olives in the toast gave this a bit of a boost. And we have to join the chorus of other bloggers: the tempeh-con is amazing. Sliced very thinly, it's ultra-crisp and super-smoky. We were pretty smug about our home-made tempeh bacon but this will send us back to the drawing board.

Since Michael had the tempeh-con on order, I picked the sour cherry pancakes ($9). On the upside, they used the preserved sour cherries that I love. On the downside I found the pancakes too doughy, perhaps undercooked, with a baking powder tinge to the flavour. It may have just been a bad weekend for them - Zuckerbaby tried them the following day and made similar comments, while Vicki Vegan was more positive.

While the food was variable, the price was right - it's great to see Las Vegan offering hearty dishes for $10 and less. And it's certainly worth heading over for the tempeh-con alone!

Las Vegan's breakfast menu has also been blogged at Vicki Vegan, sugarspoons and Tales of a Vegan Food Fetishist.

We've written about Las Vegan at other meal times one, two, three times.

Las Vegan
22 Smith St, Collingwood
9415 9001
veg mains $9-15

Accessibility: Pretty good - reasonable entry, plenty of space around tables, order at the table and pay at a low-ish counter. We haven't visited the toilets.


  1. I dont think I can ever be convinced that "tofu scramble" is a good idea

  2. Tempeh-con sounds so clunky as a word, lol. I can't imagine its taste, can't wait to try it!

  3. tytty - if you like tofu at all, there might be some form you'd enjoy! Some are little more than stir-fries, while others are all-out egg imitations. There are a lot in between.

    Fatbooo - I think tempeh-con sounds better than it reads. :-D Just like bacon with an extra syllable at the front.