Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 12, 2010: Spring pasta salad

'Tis the season to eat outdoors! On the few days that the sky is clear, anyway.  Actually the skies were notably oppressive and dispensing much water on Friday evening, but our friends persisted with a barbecue anyway.  They charged us with bringing a salad so I took inspiration from one that we ate at the last barbecue we attended, an asparagus and risoni salad prepared by meveg of Eat More Vegies.

My one intended tweak to the recipe was to use the moghrabieh that has long been languishing in our pantry instead of meveg's risoni.  But after I finished tossing together the ingredients and gave it a taste I found my batch a little dull, so I ended up tossing other bits and pieces in too - some extra lemon juice, lots of salt and pepper, and even a little maple syrup.  This was better, but still not quite as good as meveg's rendition.  Clearly the moghrabieh was an inferior choice to the risoni - it developed a moist starchy coating and was a bit chewier than I would have liked.

Asparagus, fresh peas, parsley and lemon are perfect flavours for this time of year.  I'd certainly recommend you give meveg's risoni salad a shot before this late spring gives way to a scorching summer.


  1. Thanks for the plug on the salad! Wish I could take the credit, but I really can't remember where I got it from... probably some magazine a long time ago.

  2. Meveg, you can take credit for sharing round a delicious version of it. :-)

  3. Sounds yummy. Think I will definitely be trying that one out over Summer.

  4. Welcome, Elisa! We'd certainly recommend it. :-)