Thursday, September 24, 2020

Jaen Jumah

September 12, 2020

We discovered Jaen Jumah via Dani Valent's excellent list of businesses being run by people on temporary visas, who have been more or less abandoned in terms of government support during the pandemic this year. Jaen Jumah offers vegan or meaty Balinese food - you order on Wednesday and the food is dropped off on the weekend for you to reheat and eat. And it's incredible.

The go-to dish is the nasi campur pepes tahu, a cute little box that comes with a bit of everything: spiced tofu cooked in banana leaf, a jackfruit and seaweed skewer, crunchy/sticky tempeh and beans, spicy salad and rice ($14). It's such a wonderful meal. I want to basically name check every part of it - the spicy tofu is incredible, the jackfruit skewer just ridiculously good and the tempeh is possibly the best tempeh dish in Melbourne? Maybe? There are a couple of lovely sambals too if you want to kick the spice levels up (although the baseline level is already quite spicy). We ordered extra serves of the skewers ($6 for 3) and tempeh ($5 for a small takeaway container full) and it kept us in lunches for a few extra days. 

This is such a great business - we've already pushed a bunch of friends into ordering from Jaen Jumah and they've all been completely stoked. We'll be going back again and again. 

Jaen Jumah
delivery only, order online
9077 1335


  1. It looks wonderful, and what a fantastic idea to support businesses like this!