Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Gopal's Vegetarian Restaurant

Cheap Eats 2006, a decade on

August 2, 2016

Between Michael's and my travels, we've let our Cheap Eats 2006 project lapse for a few months. We're reviving it with this visit to Gopal's in the city. When we first moved to Melbourne I was just barely done being a student and Brisbane's Hare Krishna restaurants, with their cheap and filling vegetarian meals, were a favourite hang-out. Gopal's had the same relaxed atmosphere and we notched up two short reviews in our first months here. We later checked in for a marathon cooking class, and we've failed to mention this dependable eatery on our blog for a good five years since.

While we were originally a bit put out by the cost of the chef's special, it has aged well! $12 in 2006, the equivalent feast plate is still just $12.95. This entitles you to a tray heaped with food - soup, rice and your two chosen curries, two chosen salads, a drink and a dessert. It's hearty, bulk cooking based on affordable vegetables and dried spices. I've always liked the kofta, and on this visit particularly enjoyed the tanginess of the lassi. Michael's chocolate ball reminded me of oat cookie dough, and my apple crumble was similarly oaty and comforting.


Gopal's has received low-key blog coverage: praise from vegan bloggers Veganopoulous, Almost Skinny Vegan Food and Green Gourmet Giraffe, as well as omni bloggers The Melbourne Glutton, Food Food Food and Sweet and Sour Fork; only Eat & Be Merry have been notably disappointed.

Gopal's Vegetarian Restaurant
139 Swanston St, Melbourne
9650 1578

Accessibility: We entered via a narrow staircase with a handrail and did not notice an alternative access point. We ordered and paid at the counter. Tables were quite well spaced. We didn't visit the toilets but noticed gendered doors for them on the same level as the restaurant.


  1. Good to hear gopals is ever reliable - I used to go often when we went to the city regularly to go out but these days don't manage it so often - but as sylvia's tastes mature I think I should try and take her there and see if she likes anything other than rice and bread - I had a quick look at my post I did in 2008 and notice that the serving area looks quite different to what it did and when we were there in 2008 it had changed decor recently but good to see the food remains reliable - in fact in my post I had the kofta! It is http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com.au/2008/12/guranga-at-gopals.html

    1. Hi Johanna! Thanks for including a link to your blog post, my google search didn't turn it up but I've now included it in my post.

    2. Thanks Cindy - my google searching of my blog is quite odd right now so wonder if there is something going on - no doubt I should have listened to all the emails telling me they would improve my SEO - ha ha!