Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lord Newry Hotel

May 14, 2014

The Lord Newry Hotel was our most recent pub club destination, one of many unassuming 'locals' nestled in Fitzroy North. It's warmly lit and heated, with a menu of classics like parmas, steaks, fish and chips, with a few burgers and a couple of pizzas on rotation. Gluten-free options look rare, but the staff can point out some adaptations. Vegetarian dishes are more abundant - there's an eggplant parma, pizza special, lentil shepherd's pie and a vegan burger.

Michael had a go at that vegan burger ($18), which features a pumpkin, walnut and rosemary pattie. It was huge, made an unholy mess and tasted good enough. The chips provided solid back-up.

The vegetarian pizza on offer had a thin crunchy base, topped with grilled zucchini ellipses, ricotta and (apparently) mint ($14). It didn't have quite the light, summery vibe I'd visualised but it was a comforting meal nonetheless.

The food at the Lord Newry is pleasant and reliable if not rave-worthy - this is the third time we've visited and the first time I've been motivated to blog about it. I like that it's a very comfortable, unpretentious spot for locals with friendly and knowledgeable staff. It'll remain on the pub club rotation for some time to come.


The bloggers of walk, talk, fork also had a nice night at the Newry a couple of years ago.

Lord Newry Hotel
542 Brunswick St, Fitzroy North
9481 3931
menu: front page, mains, specials

Accessibility: There are two steps up on entry and a reasonably spacious but dimly lit interior. We ordered and paid at a high bar, and had food delivered to our table. We didn't visit the toilets.


  1. I used to live down the road from the Newry...actually closer to the Tramway. If they have a vegan burger, we might need to take a nostalgic trip back there.

    1. Hi Lentil Institution! I think Michael actually likes the vegan burger at the Tramway more, but they're currently changing hands so who knows how long it'll be around for. I'm sure a night at the Lord Newry would be a pleasant trip down memory lane regardless. :-)