Saturday, November 30, 2013

Code Black III

November 23, 2013

We recently stopped by Code Black for another brunch, and noticed ongoing tweaks to the menu. With so many Vs and VEs across the page, we still struggle to choose what to eat each visit.

Michael had a shot at the Brunswick Ploughman's ($17.90) and learned a lesson along the way -it's listed as V, but will be served with pastourma if you don't alert the waiter that you're vego. Misunderstanding addressed, Michael still had a lot to take on: excellent flat bread, fine dips, radishes and olives, goat's cheese a salted boiled egg, some disappointingly dry chickpea fritters and other assorted vegetables.

Meanwhile, I finally tested out their homemade crumpets ($16.90) - they were huge, somewhat dense and a little bland (they reminded me a bit of my homemade English muffins). I stretched the orange blossom mascarpone and berries as far as they would go, and had to give up on the last third.

Code Black's a stylish venue with some good-looking food. But like St Ali North, their prices slightly outstrip our appreciation for what they do.

You can read about two of our previous visits to Code Black here and here. I haven't spotted any other blog reviews since our last one.

Code Black Coffee
15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick
0402 532 578
veg breakfast $6-$19, lunch $12.90-$15.90
Accessibility: Excellent. Flat entryway, spacious interior and a fully accessible, unisex toilet in addition to standard gendered toilets. There's full table service.


  1. that ploughman's lunch looks interesting but shame about the meat - I quite fancy home made crumpets - I assume you gave up because they were so filling rather than because they were too bland :-)

    1. Hi Johanna! It was a bit of both, really - I certainly managed to finish all the berries and mascarpone. ;-)