Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The 78

September 10, 2013

The folks behind Mono and Stereo have developed a mini empire of vegan eateries in Glasgow and I figured I might as well complete the set by visiting their 3rd venue: The 78. It's working in a very similar vein to Mono and Stereo - part pub part restaurant with a strong focus on music. It's probably the most casual of the three, with the crowd drawing heavily from the West End's student population.

The menu is pretty straightforward - spring rolls, samosas and the like to start off with and a burger-heavy main menu. Having hit up a few burgers already I briefly considered branching out and trying the tagine with coconut quinoa salad (£8~AU$13.75), but I couldn't resist the lure of chips and went with the special burger (a bulgar wheat and carrot patty, served with beetroot slaw, hummus and chilli jam, £6.95~AU$11.90).

The burger tasted pretty great, but it was the most falling-apart patty I've had in a while - I had to resort to using cutlery! The chilli jam had a sweet spiciness and the chips were top notch (plus they came with vinegar!). 

All the booze at The 78 is vegan as well (except for one cask ale that's clearly labelled) and the staff are friendly and helpful. Things were humming early on a Tuesday night, so I imagine it gets pretty busy later in the week. The 78 was probably a bit less exciting than Mono and Stereo, but it's pretty much the perfect local pub - solid vegan food, a good range of booze, great music and a lively atmosphere. Worth a visit.


The 78
10 Kelvinaugh Street, Glasgow (West End)
0141 576 5018
snacks and starters £2.50-4.65~AU$4.30-8.00), mains £6.50-8.00~AU$11.20-13.70

Accessibility: There's a small step as you come in, but the interior is flat and reasonably spacious.  Ordering and payment occurs at a high counter. I didn't visit the toilets.

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