Friday, September 14, 2012

Purple Patch II

September 9, 2012

06/11/2012: We're sad to report that Purple Patch has now closed.

Recently our friend Clamps joined the Purple Patch kitchen! We stopped by for Sunday brunch to check out his skillz.

There's now a dedicated weekend breakfast menu with lots of things on toast plus a vegan pancake plate. Never too shy to fry, Clamps whippd up an off-menu plate for each of us (and I think we paid $16.50 apiece) - mine featured multi-grain toast smothered in scrambled tofu, deep-fried potato, veg sausages, corn fritters, slow roasted tomatoes, port-marinated mushrooms and tomato relish. (Potatoes excepted, all these items are listed in dishes on the menu going for the same price.) While the scramble was a little dry, this was a triumph in vegan fry-ups. Most notably, they've really worked on the relish since our first visit; this one had a deep colour and flavour and brought out the best in the sausages.

The Purple Patch display cabinet rotates its offerings regularly - if you're lucky enough to come by their sweet and sour tofu, I'd highly recommend it! And their vegan passionfruit yoyos ($3) are stunners, I refused to leave without two for the road.

You can read about our first visit to Purple Patch here. Since then Mel from Veganise This! has also stopped by.

Purple Patch
19 Bay Road, Sandringham
9598 2378
weekend breakfast  $6.50-16.50

Accessibility: The door looks to have a small lip on it. Inside there's a wide passage and then large, somewhat crowded tables. Ordering takes place at the table, with payment at a low-ish counter. The bathroom is unisex and a little on the crowded side.


  1. Must be time for a revisit, the new options sound great! Your plate of food looks huge and full of lovely brunchy items. A dry scramble doesn't bother me as long as it's well seasoned.

    1. I think you'll like the weekend breakfast menu, if only you can convince the man to head down there with you. :-)