Sunday, April 03, 2011

The (veg) Burger Adventure

We've long proclaimed our love of burgers and chips here at where's the beef? and now we'll be doing more of the same over at The Burger Adventure.  Z, G, D & B are devotees of the more conventional beef burger and they've invited us to contribute reviews of some veg alternatives.

image courtesy of Z from The Burger Adventure

To kick things off, we met up for a dual review of the Burger Lounge in Eltham - you can check out our take on their pumpkin burger here.

We'll be popping up on The Burger Adventure semi-regularly, trialling the veg options at their preferred burger hang-outs as well as venturing out on our own.  Let us know where you think we should visit (and revisit)!


  1. Provenance on Smith St have a great vegetarian burger with a pint of cider for $20.

  2. congrats- sounds like a fun thing to do, go on a burger adventure!

  3. Jess, thanks! For all our hanging about Smith St I still haven't been to Provenance. I KNOW.

    Welcome GG! Our first contribution to the site was a bit of an adventure to the outer 'burbs. :-)