Friday, April 29, 2011

April 18, 2011: The Victoria Hotel

Another fortnight, another pub-club. This time we headed to the rejigged Victoria Hotel to sample the food from their newly opened kitchen. The pub itself hasn't changed too much - there's still a ping-pong table in the front room, still an odd assortment of furniture in the beer garden, and still a quiet laid-back vibe. The menu is pretty affordable and well-stocked with vegie options: a risotto, some pastas, a burger and a curry plus a few starters.

I've become pretty predictable and decided I'd sample yet another vegie burger ($12).

This was a fairly mediocre burger - a potato-y veg patty, some lettuce, onion and tomato on a lightly toasted white bun. The flavours were pretty limited; we were forced to reach for the tomato sauce to kick things up a notch. The chips were good at least.

Cindy went healthier - daal with roti, rice and raita ($12).

Cindy was hoping for a soupier daal, rather than this chunky version but this was still pretty acceptable,  he raita and roti in particular added something to a fairly straightforward curry.

Our meals, like those of our companions, were adequate without being amazing. The Vic is cheap - we haven't had many $12 meals on our pub-club wanderings - and you basically get what you pay for. Still, the pub itself has upsides: ping-pong, Gentle Ben on the stereo, and an excellent Monday night vibe.

The Victoria Hotel
380 Victoria Street, Brunswick
9388 0830
veg snacks $6-$9, mains $12-$16

Accessibility: There are small single steps scattered from entry through to the beer garden. There's lots of space around the tables.  All ordering and payment occurs at a high bar.


  1. Seems very cheap but would you go back? With all the ownership changes since I've lived in the area, this hotel seems to have struggled to establish some sort of identity. Every time I visit it it seems to have changed hands.

  2. is there any decent vegie burger around
    yucky potato patties, too many

  3. Quincepoacher - I'd happily go back to this hotel again with friends, though generally I'd choose to pay more and get a more exciting meal (at, say, the Fox Hotel).

    Hi tytty! There's plenty if you like faux-meat, and a few mock-free spud-free options if you look hard enough. Check out our burgers'n'chips tag. :-)