Friday, August 13, 2010

Minh Phat munchies

We've been happily munching our way through some of the groceries that we bought at Minh Phat last month...

The potato crispy biscuits are goooood (if not good for you).  They're very much like the Potato In A Biskit snacks that I've grown up with, only a little smaller - crisp and mild in flavour, though still thoroughly enjoyable on their own.  I like crunching on a few mid-afternoon at work though I prefer not to team them with a cup of coffee, as suggested by the packaging.

I really was not sure what to expect of the cashew nut cookies - South East Asian sweets often take me by surprise (... and then get me utterly hooked with repeated exposure).  Aside from the pretty display cookies on the top layer, they're actually wafer sandwiches:

The wafers are tasteless and styrofoamy but the cashew-toffee filling more than compensates.  It's crunchy, but won't break your teeth; super-sweet but with a nice depth that comes from sesame as well as caramel.

The garlic crackers require a little more effort than just ripping open the packet, but they're sure worth it.  They're made of tapioca flour, garlic, salt and sugar and half a minute in hot oil transforms them into the vegan equivalent of prawn crackers!  I reckon these actually taste much better than their shrimpy counterparts - the garlic flavour is soft and savoury and unlikely to hound you for the rest of the day.  With only a fraction of the $1.80 bag needed per serve, they're mighty cheap too.

So our Minh Phat finds have all been great ones so far - I think I'd be most likely to buy the garlic crackers again in the future, though this bagful is likely to last us quite some time.


  1. Love this post - I'm such a sucker for kooky snacks :) I can see myself getting seriously stuck (and stuck may be the perfect word) into those cashew sesame treats...

  2. You should see my drawer at work... :|

  3. interesting - these snacks are a bit challenging - if you can get to the vic market at lunchtime you will have min phat at your fingertips - that is the min phat I go to - oops spelling!

    I was wondering if the garlic crackers could be done in the microwave like pappadams - would quite fancy them but hot oil just makes me get anxious

  4. Hannah - there are few things I love more than exploring novel supermarkets. :-D

    Penny - ha! Full of fun snacks? I don't think I could bear the temptation.

    Johanna, I don't know if the microwave would work. I don't like to deep-fry at home, but found that I could cook these quite effectively with just 1cm of oil in the bottom of a high walled saucepan. Not too dangerous but still possibly not something you'd want to do while supervising Sylvia!