Tuesday, August 03, 2010

July 27, 2010: Gertrude Street Grub - Sonido

For years I've watched enviously while local bloggers with their fingers on the pulse rush out timely reviews of newly opened eateries, earning themselves kudos and links as far as the eye can see. So when I noticed a new cafe taking shape right near my work I started taking the camera to work with me every day so I could pounce and join this band of organised and well-connected food-hounds.

Sonido taunted me - opening a few weekends to test the waters and then remaining resolutely closed for weeks at a time (for a while I thought it was called 'Cerrado', which is actually Spanish for 'Closed'). Finally last week they threw their doors open for the workday trade, and I was quick to investigate.

Sonido is run by a friendly Colombian duo, who've spent a lot of time fitting out what was basically a blank office space into a cute and welcoming little cafe. They make delicious coffee, offering a discount for those who bring their own cups instead of using the disposable takeaway cups and they have a small range of tasty looking sweets (including a gluten-free apple-crumble muffin that received a rave review from a coeliac colleague).

The lunch menu is short and focuses on Colombian specialities: empanadas and arepas. At the time of my visit they were still ramping up their range, and the beany empanadas I had my heart set on were not yet available. There were still a few vego options, and after some consideration I settled on a breakfast theme, going with a huevos arepa ($9.50). The arepas are all corn-based and thus gluten-free (although unfortunately, K, there's not a lot of vegan-friendly action at this point), and for a couple of bucks extra come with a tasty little side salad.

This was a tasty lunch, although it really would make more sense as a breakfast. The little tortillas are corny and delicious and the topping was light, fluffy and well seasoned. I probably should have drummed up some hot sauce to give it a little kick, but there was nothing sitting on the table and my laziness trumped by desire for spice.

Sonido is a fantastic addition to the frighteningly gentrified Nicholson Street end of Gertrude Street - there's even talk that they'll get a liquor licence soon so that they can do dinners and drinks, which may occasionally tempt us away from Radio as our after-work drinks venue of choice. For now they're focussing on food and coffee, and they've got a very receptive audience of locals hoping that they succeed.

Address: 69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Ph: ? (this is the price of being first to review but hopeless with details)
Price: $7 - $11
Website: http://sonido.com.au/


  1. Nicely done! I wanted to go yesterday and today but it was being used for a shoot - Offspring I suppose? It sounds delicious. It's curious too how this has opened at the same time as Cruzao on Brunswick St offering similar food. But I no complain... I love arepas.

  2. Looks nice, I'd love to see more stuff like this in Perth. Though I have my own personal arepa cook at home now (arepa with eggs and avocado is a breakfast stable), it's always nice to see ethnic diversity represented in cafes. Will check them out next time I'm in town.

  3. such a shame about the lack of vegan stuff. They look yummy!

  4. Haha I, too, have been guilty of rushing to newly-opened establishments and blogging about them as soon as I can in order to 'be the first person to write about it.' More often than not, I don't succeed because there'll always be two or three bloggers who beat me to it.

    I'll definitely give this place a go once it's settled in and everything.

  5. Great! I'm Colombian.
    It is exciting to see Colombian fellows adventuring with traditional cousine in such competitive market.
    I wish Sonido all the best!!
    ... will be there this weekend and will drag my friends with me.
    Exitos y pa'lante paisanos
    Gina x

  6. lol, I'm never organised enough to be in the "cool" blogging group. I always get to a place after its given everyone food poisoning and on the verge of closing their doors. I've never had Colombian food before, this place does look quite interesting

  7. Thanks for getting me excited about this place - after a month away in FNQ, Colombian food is heavenly! Mmm, arepas...

  8. Looks great indeed! Mucha suerte con todo. Por fin un café Colombiano con buena pinta!

    I hope all of our anglo friends around get to try and get a good impression! Sorry there is not much Vegan action but hey, being from Colombia I can tell you, vegans in the country are as scarce as Koalas!! Can't wait to try the Empanadas! Well done guys. Make us proud!

    p.s: Thank you all for spelling the Country's name correctly ;)

  9. This place is great. I went there on the weekend. The Colombian coffee was really good. they have a website up too now www.sonido.com.au