Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 3, 2010: Rumi II

Rumi was a real It restaurant in its first 12 months of operation and though it's no longer surrounded by quite the same hype, it's still a bustling business (and in a larger space). We considered ourselves lucky to get a Saturday night reservation just a few days in advance while an interstate friend of ours was in town. Also trying their luck were many tarriers on the night, crowding the entrance and hoping for a spot at the reservation-free communal table.

The biggest disappointment of the night came early - no cocktails. I reminded myself that I'd admired them in a long-distant blog post at tummy rumbles and that I shouldn't expect the menu to be the same. Now, browsing the blogosphere, I notice that the pomegranate vodka cocktails have probably been served as recently as March this year and I'm disappointed all over again. Phooey. I love pomegranate.

I couldn't stay mad long with a waiter as friendly as ours, and the food too is the kind to bring a grin to my face. The sigara boregi ($12) are still delicious, albeit a little less golden and crispy than on our first meeting.

The fried potatoes ($9.50) were lovely in every way - creamy-tender but not disintegrating, with lemon and spices that were lively yet not at all harsh.

We were a little less enthusiastic about the sweet and sour Jerusalem artichokes ($13.50), probably because they were served cool.

The fried cauliflower ($11) is brilliant; it's little wonder it's survived some menu changes. I love that something so sweet and fried is still apparently dinner, not dessert.

To break up the fried-ness of it all we order the rice pilaf ($9) but ultimately didn't finish it. It was a little bland and we'd not ordered anything saucy enough to soak through it.

Michael remedied the moisture situation with a follow-up order of labne ($7).

Our dining companion ordered Ma'mool ($7) for dessert. These date-filled shortbreads went down remarkably easily and enjoyably, given how full we felt at this stage.

Rumi was the perfect choice for this night together - informal but a little bit special, with the shared plates adding to the fun and allowing flexibility for our mixed vegetarian/omnivore eating. There are plenty other bloggers amongst Rumi's fans too - check out posts at Dave Plus Food, Eat Almost Anything, Addict, List Addict, doublecooked, wanting kneading, Eating With Jack and Crap Kraft Dinner.


  1. I quite like Rumi - been there once. Their meat dishes are good... Not sure about the vego options but it seemed okay?

  2. I still have not been! But heard good things. Disappointing that the vegetarian options aren't you to par?

  3. have not been to rumi since it moved but loved it at its original location - the space was so inviting that I have wondered how they have done with the new space - and am now craving those deep fried cauliflowers - delicious!

  4. Ive wanted to go.. again and again.. Ive even walked in twice.. but the new space is just .... weird... I miss the old space...

  5. Anh & Penny- I actually think the vegetarian options are very good, there's plenty to choose from and the staff are knowledgeable. I even hear that they'll adapt most dishes for vegans!

    Johanna & Carla- I'm not as fond of the new space as much as the old, but it doesn't dissuade me from going for the food. :-)

  6. That fried cauliflower is THE BEST! My favourite thing when I went there late last year.

  7. Agreed! Very happy that they've survived a menu change or two. :-)

  8. Happy 2000th post! Just wanted to let you know that Rumi have cocktails on the menu again!

    1. Thanks, Marlene! We visited Rumi earlier this year and had the chance to try them then. :-)