Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 14, 2010: Sticky-rubber date pudding

Puddings aren't the most photogenic of foods, and this one was worse than most, so I thought I'd flatter it with some soft focus and a pretty dish.

It's a sticky date pudding, a dish I've eaten out plenty of times yet never before made at home. And I probably didn't use the most standard of recipes. It's a vegan version I came across recently at Eat More Vegies, and I de-glutenised it by using the gluten-free self-raising flour I was recently sent by a PR company. The recipe reminds me very much of the self-saucing sultana duff that I made a year ago - there's very little fat involved and the cake batter is quite thick. A hot and very watery butterscotch sauce gets gently poured over the batter, some of it soaking into and inflating the pudding as it bakes.

The good news is that it tasted terrific; the minor disappointment was the texture. It seems that gluten-free flour and a long cooking time and/or lack of fat make for a rather rubbery pudding. The flavour was enough incentive for us to scrape the bowl clean in a matter of days, but I think I'll reserve the SR flour for other purposes and keep this recipe for gluten-friendly occasions.


  1. glad it tasted great - we had apple sponge at my mum's yesterday with gf flour in it and I wouldn't have known it was gf and was quite impressed with the de-glutenising of it (I love that term). I have bookmarked that pudding to try because it sounds delish

  2. Your right puddings aren't always attractive, but its good to read that this tasted better than it looks.

    I don't think I've ever baked a gf pudding, so it was also interesting for me to read of the outcome.