Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 16, 2007: Los Amates II

My Aunt and Uncle (Chris and Lee) were in town for the Australian Open tennis and had set aside an evening to catch up with Cindy and I for dinner. We've yet to settle on a Lygon Street venue that will wow visitors (although Trotters did work pretty well for us last weekend), so we decided to take them up to Fitzroy for Mexican at Los Amates. The four of us enjoyed some pre-dinner drinks (including a rather tiny margarita for Cindy) as we perused the menu - Lee in particular struggling to come up with a suitable option. After much humming and hawing, everyone was settled and we ordered. Cindy eventually convinced me to share the Plato do Enchiladas Mixtas with her. I had intended to go my own way after we shared last time, but the enchiladas just sounded too good: three sets of two enchiladas, each with their own sauce: mole, salsa verde and salsa roja, served with rice, frijoles and salad.

Cindy found the mole particularly outstanding, smoky and full-flavoured with the barest hint of chocolate, while I'm always a sucker for tangy salsa verde. The frijoles and rice made a nice accompaniment, and the salad was something to nibble on to convince ourselves we were eating healthily. Chris and Lee enjoyed their omnivorous offerings as well, and while we all managed to leave room for a trip to Brunetti, everyone left Los Amates feeling very satisfied.

(Read about our previous visit to Los Amates here.)

Address: 34 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Ph: 9417 0441
Price: $10 - $25


  1. I enjoyed the food and the night. Your blog is very good. I get the impression that some where in the future you would like to open a veg resturant.
    Andy had his operation I will post soon.

  2. Thanks Lee! I think I enjoy eating the results of my cooking too much to open a restaurant. :-)

    I will check out your blog for new pics of Andy. He was a very cute puppy when you first got him! (Even for an alleged dog-hater like me.)