Friday, January 05, 2007

January 1, 2007: Fitz Curry Café II

New Year's Day saw us back in Melbourne, with two guests in Emma and Simon and no energy for culinary creation. Thus, we opted for the lazy option of home-delivered takeaway Indian from Fitz Curry Cafe. Fitz Curry has featured previously in our quest for the best Indian takeaway in Melbourne and, while it's no Punjabi Palace, it's leading my mental rankings so far. After a quick look at our previous post, we decided to order five curries between four to ensure delicious leftovers for our disturbingly premature first days back at work. The orders for the evening were: kahari mushroom, paneer jelfrezi, malai kofta, spinach kofta curry and mumbai chicken (for Simon!). The kofta in the spinach kofta were massive and thus a little dry in the middle despite the oceans of sauce they were swimming in. The rest of the veg options were pretty tasty - particularly the kahari mushroom, with well-cooked mushrooms and a range of other vegies scattered throughout. Everything was a little mild for my tastes, but I imagine we could have asked them to spice things up if we were keen. On this showing, Fitz Curry remains my favourite Indian place so far, but it hasn't completely convinced me to stop looking for something better.


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