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November 29, 2013

After my work commitments were over I stuck around Auckland for an extra day or so, wandering the streets of Ponsonby and Mount Eden. I started out with brunch at Revel, which I'd read about on easy as vegan pie.

Revel's menu is not entirely vegetarian but it has lots of well-marked options (for vegans and the gluten-free too) - so many that I didn't notice any meat mentioned in all the blog reviews I pulled up  (my list is compiled below as usual). A quick scan reveals the usual gamut of muesli and porridge, pancakes (I'm kicking myself that I didn't notice the vegan mark on those), mushrooms, eggs and/or baked beans on toast. The huevos rancheros and vegetarian Benedict hold a little more novelty value, but I wasn't in the mood for eggs.

Instead I had a crack at the vegan-friendly beans on toast (NZ$16 ~ AU$14.30). This was a huge and wholesome protein-packed plate of five-grain toast, saucy beans, avocado and crunchy soy-toasted nuts. Soy-toasted nuts? They're basically savoury granola. I like this brunch-time innovation immensely.

Having re-read Carla's posts, I'm feeling a twinge of regret that I didn't inspect the cabinet of cakes and pies more closely but I really can't complain - I was well fed at Revel regardless. It has the grungy, veg-sympathetic aesthetic that I associate with Brisbane's Brunswick St and Melbourne's Smith St, though that scene is dwindling in those locations. Here's hoping Revel keep it coming for a long while yet.


It was two posts on easy as vegan pie that got me to Revel, but its veg options have also appeared on Gallery Food Exchange, An Auckland Vegan, Kittens Gone Lentil and Her Worldly Pleasures.

146 Karangahape Rd, Auckland
+64 9-309 2372
veg brunch NZ$10.00-16.50 ~ AU$9.00-14.80
facebook page

Accessibility: The entry is wide and has a small lip, but is obscured by outdoor tables (see top picture); inside there's a narrow hallway and more crowded tables. I ordered and paid at a high counter, then my food was brought out to the table. I didn't visit the toilets.

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