Friday, December 06, 2013

Little Bird Unbakery

November 30, 2013

There was a mistake with my meal on my flight over to Auckland, so I was vigilant about eating well on my way out again. Lucky for me, Little Bird Unbakery was a short walk from my accommodation and came recommended by @ryanpoet.

It's in an unexpected location - on the very busy New North Road, surrounded by light industrial businesses, with very few pedestrians passing. But inside it's unmistakably a trendy cafe, with a large timber communal table, drop lights, and a wall of twee shelves stocked with take-home teas and treats.

The main menu and display cabinet are at the counter. The food is all raw gluten-free and mostly vegan (keep an eye out for honey). The current savoury rotation included sprouted bread, 'pizza' and a couple of salads, but it's difficult to drag your eyes from the sweets on show - towering cheesecakes, cute tartlets, and slices recalling childhood favourites.

I ordered three items to take away to the airport food court. As I waited for my garden salad (NZ$15 ~ AU$13.60) to arrive, I wondered if I should have ordered the more varied Bird Bowl. These misgivings evaporated the moment that I opened the lid in the departure lounge. I must've spent around 50 minutes methodically working my way through the cucumber ribbons, sweet cherry tomatoes, strawberries, basil, parsley and avocado, dotted with Little Bird's umami-packed cashew cheese and lightly dressed in a vinaigrette. I paused only to pick out the shallots (I really can't handle raw onion), as pleased with my last mouthful as I was with my first. This is the salad to (I hope!) inspire an entire summer of salads.

Also - berries and cherry tomatoes together again! I like Auckland's style and I'm totally copying it.

Though the cheesecakes and tarts looked most impressive, I decided that some slice might be sturdier in transit. The berry crumble (NZ$5 ~ AU$4.50) was equal to its traditional counterpart, with a caramelised dessicated coconut top and jammy filling. The mint slice (NZ$6 ~ AU$5.40) was also lovely, with occasional cocoa nib crunches and a gentle peppermint tone, but no doppelganger for an Arnotts biccie.

Little Bird demonstrated the best of raw eating and had me in good shape for the trip home to Melbourne. I only wish I'd tried my luck at getting some of their 'cheese' through Customs.


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Little Bird Unbakery
385 New North Rd, Kingsland (also in Ponsonby)
+64 09 550 7377
savoury NZ$14-16 ~ AU$12.70-14.50, sweet NZ$5-9 ~ AU$4.50-8.20

Accessibility: The Unbakery has a flat entry but is quite crowded inside. I ordered and paid at a low-ish counter and my food was brought out to me.


  1. That is one incredible looking salad. Yum. I just planted strawberries and grape tomatoes today - this is exactly what I want to be eating in a couple of months!

    1. Hi L! Wow, I bet your home-grown version is going to be awesome.