Sunday, June 17, 2012

White Trash Fast Food

June 12, 2012
White Trash Fast Food really stands out in the neighbourhood that we're currently staying. When we first walked by we paused a moment to enjoy the name, assumed they'd have little of vegetarian interest, and walked on. But when we met our friend Tina, former pub clubber and current Berlin resident, she brought us to White Trash expressly for their veg-friendly burgers.

The menu is written in cheerfully coarse English and for the most part focuses on junky American food - as well as burgers there's nachos, onion rings, chilli-cheese fries and fried chicken, then a scattering of salads, soups, fish'n'chips and veal. For vegos, the burgers are key - any of their eight varieties can be made with a veg patty on request. It's made with nuts, beans, tofu, veges, herbs and spices though it mostly just tastes of fried; we're pretty sure it's vegan.

Michael went for the Moses Hell-Fire BBQ Burger (9€ ~ AU$11.30), which comes with cheese, bbq sauce and a heapin' helpin' of jalapenos. He tried to be all dainty and use a knife and fork to eat this monstrosity and this was the result:

Clearly you just have to embrace the mess, along with the tasty chilli.

I ostensibly took the wussier option, getting the kinder-sized burger plate (6€ ~ AU$7.50). Though my burger had little more than half the diameter of Michael's, it was just as tasty and an equal battle to keep all the fillings under control.

My cunning plan was to leave stomach space for some onion rings (4€ ~ AU$5) - they were crispy enough and rather greasy, and saved by an excellent ranch dip.

White Trash Fast Food was a surprise win for us - the veg burgers are sloppily delicious, the wait staff we encountered were friendly with fluent English, and we dug the indie rock blaring from the speakers. Best of all we had Tina's company and her wealth of local knowledge to guide us through our remaining days in the city.

I struggled to find food reviews amongst the gig announcements for White Trash Fast Food, but you can check out other positive accounts at On Life and Lava, this is my rabbit hole, Berlin Eats, Sebastian's Gourmet Burger review and eatshowandtell.

White Trash Fast Food
Schönhauser Allee 6-7 10119 Berlin
030 50348668
veg snacks and mains 4-10€ (~AU$5-12.50)

Accessibility: There are a number of outdoor tables at footpath level, then several steps up to the interior where tables are at multiple levels (seemingly all accessed via steps) and quite crowded. The interior is quite dim and loud. We received full table service.


  1. What a name! I always love your traveling posts, so having Switzerland and Berlin come so soon after Toronto it's feeling like traveling foodie Christmas!

    1. Hi Hayley! It's a pleasure to deliver these travel posts to you. I fear, though, that the veg*n excitement will be a bit thinner on the ground at our next destination...