Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January 24, 2011: A breakfast serial - avocado on toast

For all the novel recipes we try here in the where's the beef? kitchen, we are pretty unadventurous when it comes to breakfast.  Yes, we like eating fancy things while out and Vegan Brunch has provided inspiration on the odd weekend, but we break our workday fast with startling monotony.  Michael always, always eats Weetbix topped with muesli and milk (though he made the transition from dairy to soy in the last year or so).  I tend towards cereal too, chugging through box after box of Just Right, occasionally mixing it up with a day or two of toast.  

It's not right at all, really.  I've had a few shots making my own muesli or porridge or smoothies and these have amused me for up to a month at a time.  But I'm keen to push my breakfast boundaries a little further - hence this new Breakfast Serial.  My Friends In Food have already come through with a bunch of great suggestions via twitter but sling me more if you've got 'em!  I'm hoping to give a new one a go every couple of weeks and, of course, record them here.

My first entry is well within my comfort zone - sarahcooks and veggie_mama both recommended avocado on toast.  I like lathering the avocado on thickly then topping it with salt, pepper and lemon juice; even better if there's a glass of fruit juice on the side.  It's easy to prepare and adequately filling.  Avocados aren't always abundant and ripe when you want 'em but this is a great option when they are.  I can't imagine committing to this daily and indefinitely but avocado on toast is an excellent option to have in my weekday brekkie repertoire.


  1. It can get expensive too, but I think of it as a summer breakfast thing. Delicious with a little Tabasco with the lemon! Darn, now I'm hungry.

  2. I love raisin toast with mashed banana and honey. Mmmmmmmmmm

  3. avocado on toast with hummus and a pinch of home made dukkah is also tasty of a morning

  4. You can also try it with a layer of hummus beneath the avocado and maybe add some thinly sliced tomato on top. If you just use the hummus and avocado you can add some lemon juice, but if you include the tomato you might instead sprinkle on a little bit of basil or oregano if you have any growing, otherwise just pepper should be fine. For a gluten-free version you can use a rice cake as a base.

  5. Yay! You took my recommendation! Yummmmm. I love avocado on toast! Think I'll have that for breakfast today now :)

    (Ps I think the link to my twitter and veggie_mama's are broken)

    xox Sarah

  6. There is something just undeniably perfect about avocado on toast!

    One of my favourite breakfasts is what I've started calling 'breakfast quinoa'. I throw the quinoa in a pot with sultanas, fresh apple slices and a great big shake of cinnamon. I much prefer it to porridge, and it's such an easy thing to make, and the ways you could alter it ingredient-wise is probably endless.

  7. Some of my favourite breakfast ideas are toast with promite and slice tomato and black pepper, I also love raisin toast with cheese or cream cheese but some of the comments made me wonder how avocado and honey would go on raisin toast??? Another spread I love on toast with sliced tomato is this one -

  8. I love avocado on toast!! I usually sprinkle some dukkah on the top, with a squeeze of lemon juice. mmmm... must.get.avo!

  9. off topic but did you guys know you got a mention in the letters section of the free street magazine 'City Weekly' this morning? it's true

  10. I ate avocado on toast whenever possible for years. Now I rarely have a bread based breakfast. My favourite avo combo is tahini, avo, lemon and pepper, though I remember a phase where I'd add thin slices of radish and a handful of alfalfa as well.

    Dukkah sounds like a wonderful idea!

  11. Microwave oatmeal. Once you get it right, it's just as good and takes about 5 minutes (depending on your microwave).

    After many years of experimentation, I have settled upon this method:

    Get a big microwave proof container. About the size of an old-school lunchbox. Big is good. Tall is good.

    Throw in half a cup of oats. The oats should cover the bottom without stacking on top of each other too much. This allows them to absorb as much liquid as possible without getting too mushy.

    Put in enough water so they're just covered.

    Nuke for two minutes uncovered.

    Take them out. They should have absorbed all the liquid. Stir em up, then add in about the same amount of water (and/or milk this time).

    Nuke them again for another two. When they come out, let them sit for a tiny bit. They may still be a bit watery, but that is no problem,
    This is where you add in fruit and nuts and whatever. There is some magical thing that means when you add stuff, they will cease to be watery. Amazing. In fact, they may be a little dry. This is good. This is when you want to add milk (or just water, if you're being particularly virtuous) until you've got your desired consistency. The cold milk/water will also bring the temperature down.

    Transfer to a normal bowl, which will also thicken them up a tad.


    The trick is awesome toppings, spices and such that you prepare while they're microwaving.

    My favorite at the moment is fresh mango, shredded coconut and coconut cream or coconut milk. Actually, coconut cream in oatmeal and ANYTHING is awesome. Use the box/UHT stuff, as the tinned tastes like, well, tin.

    Another awesome one is banana, crunchy natural peanut butter and cinnamon. Add the cinnamon just before you nuke it the second time.

    Also pear, cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, vanilla (bean or extract) or a touch of agave. For that, I usually add the pear in for some of the microwaving, so it softens and absorbs the spices.

    Fresh Nectarine and/or peach is my all-time favorite.

    In Australia, I sometimes added puffed quinoa, though I can't find that here.

    I also always liberally add salt before the second nuke. The Scots usually use salt in their porridge. I find it enhances the flavour a lot. But then, I love salt.

    I would also suggest breakfast tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Fill soft, warm tortillas with anything you have in the fridge: scrambled eggs, tofu, beans, tomato, cheese, crema, avocado, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salsa, red onions, coriander, hot sauce and heaps of spices. Quesadillas and burritos can be heated on a sandwich press.

  12. Thanks, everyone, for your terrific ideas! I won't have to repeat a breakfast for months. :-D

    I'm bookmarking them all and clearly need to write a few more toast posts as part of this series.

    Louise, we had no idea of the City Weekly mention (and still haven't managed to catch it on their website). Thanks for letting us know. :-)

  13. I love avocado, sliced tomato and pepper on toast :D