Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 18, 2011: Misty's Diner

Tummyrumbles first drew my attention to Misty's Diner a few years ago.  I'm a sucker for burgers, chips and desserts and I was surprised at how veg-friendly the online menu looked.  (Since then a couple of friends have expressed disappointment at the vegan options; the meat-free dishes are still quite lacto-ovo-heavy.)

Misty's is a loud-and-proud American-style diner with booths boasting jukeboxes and TVs, walls heaving with memorabilia, and a menu stuffed with the foods the U.S. is famous for: 18 burgers, 9 hot dogs, sodas, thickshakes, Tex-Mex and all things deep-fried.  I asked twitter for advice on what Michael and I should check out.

Within seconds, Nashina urged us to try the jalapeno poppers (and sizeoftheocean later agreed).  These deep-fried nuggets (we received 8 for $12.90) were more cheese than jalapeno, and barely needed a dipping sauce at all.  They weren't all that spicy but were darn tasty nonetheless.

I was mighty impressed to note that they're willing to make any of their burgers with a vegetarian patty, and put them to the test by ordering a bleu cheese and cajun burger veg-style ($10.90).  They package it up pretty, wrapped carefully to prevent spilling, with a half-pickle pinned through the top with a miniature US flag.  It was pretty mild, bordering on bland - the patty was a standard potato/carrot/pea mix and  lthough the dressing had a nice tang to it, I didn't pick up any Cajun spices.

Michael was keen for a vegetarian chili dog ($9.90), such an intimidating mass of chili and cheese that it took several bites to ascertain whether or not it even included a 'dog' (it did).  Once Michael overcame his concerns as to how to eat this, he rather liked it - it was rich with beany protein.

On katspat's advice (because I totally wouldn't have done this on my own, oh no), I made the Reese's Pieces thickshake ($7.95) my beverage and dessert.  It was both of these and more, a morass of peanut butter, chocolate syrup, crispy chunks and general sweet creaminess.  It's unashamedly over-the-top and a definite winner in its class.

Our trip to Misty's was fun.  It's pretty novel and not something I'd be inclined to eat regularly though it clearly has a following, with all of the booths booked out on the night we stopped by.  (If/when we do make it back I'll be agitating to try the deep-fried pickles and cherry pie, as recommended by rbbrown and sizeoftheocean.)  The menu has a distinctly high-fat vibe, with the couple of lighter options not sounding all that appetising (steamed mixed veges or Oriental vegetarian salad, anyone?).  That said, our mains were pleasantly grease-free and reasonably portioned.  Though chili fries and gut-busting burgers are their bread and butter, Misty's have got the ovo-lacto-vego with an all-American appetite covered.



Misty's Diner
103-105 High St, Prahran
9510 0033
fully licensed
veg snacks and mains $5.90-$16.90

Accessibility: Entry includes a couple of steps and a fairly narrow door.  The front tables are quite well-spaced and are a good vantage point for checking out the dessert display.  There is table service, although payment is to be made at the low-ish front counter.


  1. Thanks for the review, Cindy. I've never been to Misty's, though I love burgers and dogs and penautbutterchocolateanything too, so I've often wondered about it. Something about the novelty-ness of it puts me off. But those jalapeno poppers look pretty moreish. I think homemade jalapeno poppers need to go on the list!

  2. Peanut butter owns my heart, as does chocolate so that dessert/drink..... amazepants forever and ever!

  3. I've been dying to go here for years! I'm off to make my own jalapeno poppers instead...

  4. Their burgers look more Aussie than American, but still, America has created some magical things with a deep fryer, and it's nice to see the cuisine getting some love in Australia. I am a big advocate of the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, and don't understand why it hasn't been embraced more.

    Sadly, a lot of the more unique dishes on their menu are meaty - biscuits and gravy, French Dip, BBQ pulled pork, patty melts, cheesesteak.

  5. Lexi and Veggie Mama - I reckon homemade poppers'd be a little too fiddly for me, though I'd love to see what you came up with! Using your choice of non-orange cheese would be a bonus. :-)

    Hannah and Ruth - I am a major chocolate/peanut butter lover. There was some kinda syrup in this that just kicked it. I wanna believe it was Reese's syrup, though I didn't spy any on sale out the front of Misty's (where they have a bunch of junk foods available to take home).