Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I eat I drink I... write

In any other year, I would be oblivious to Fine Food Australia - it's a food and hospitality exhibition intended for folks in the industry, not amateur enthusiasts such as I. However, last week I was able to enter Jeff's Shed in the guise of writer for I eat I drink I work. (Full disclosure: I received no monetary payment for this gig, and the opportunity just to be there and eat a lot of food samples was reward enough.)

You can read my based-on-a-true-story article here. Many thanks to Duncan and Cam and for inviting me along for the ride! I'd like enter them as a duel nomination for the Pushyjuice™ Award for Keeping Cool Under Pressure.

Keep an eye on I eat I drink I work over the coming days, because articles from one or two more of Melbourne's food bloggers will be appearing soon.


  1. Drinks and juice must be the new fad thing for companies to try and make money on. For me personally, just give me water or fruit juice. None of this electrolytes, vitamin added, fat free drinks. Fat free water, I saw that at a supermarket. Who the hell thinks water has any fat in the first place deserve to be ripped off buying fat free water.

  2. LOL, fat free water - that is hilarious! It's amazing what companies will do to market their product... one of the drinks I saw being promoted for its health benefits actually had more calories than Coke.