Monday, March 15, 2021

Luther's Scoops

 February 17, 2021


We were saddened to learn that Samba's Jhol Momo closed during 2020, but we can't begrudge the following business to take up the shopfront lease. Luther's Scoops has slightly reconfigured the fit-out and offers a unique rotation of icecream flavours.

They offer ingredient combinations that are rarely seen in icecream but intuitively make sense. On this day, we skipped by the vegan options (watermelon and strawberry sorbet, dark chocolate, a sold-out raspberry & lemon verbena sorbet) and focused on the dairy-based options. Michael piled blueberry and sour cream onto butterscotch ripple ($7), while I sampled passionfruit and lemon custard, and vanilla malted milk. 

The fruit flavours and colours were gorgeously bright against the rich, creamy base. Michael was a bit distracted from his butterscotch in a melting scramble, and my malted milk was too subtle to follow up that passionfruit; it might've worked better in combination with the Earl Grey and chocolate icecream. We'll absolutely be back to perfect our orders.


Luther's Scoops
528A Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Accessibility: Under current COVID restrictions, ordering and payment occurs over a low counter direct from the footpath.


  1. Not only do you recommend it but a colleague also told me about this place last week - he said the chocolate and blueberry was among the best ice creams he had ever had. Must put this on our list of places to try!