Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Green Acre Pizza

November 19, 2020


During lockdown, we developed a comforting habit of once-a-week takeaway/delivery from a small rotation of local businesses. Among them is Green Acre Pizza, which opened just a few months ago. Green Acre are doing their best to offer environmentally friendly foods and business practices, and that includes lots of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options. There are gluten-free pizza bases on offer too.

Photographed above is our standard order, which happily stretches across a dinner, a lunch and a bonus snack for us two. First, there's a vegan pepperoni pizza (top left, $21) which also features generous dollops of dairy-free mozzarella, shredded radicchio, and a few dabs of chilli jam. Next, there's a knock-out pumpkin pizza (top right, $21) that has transformed my experience of vegetable-based pizzas: the pumpkin is bite-sized and tender, and it's complemented by excellent dairy-free feta and caramelised onions, but I think its secret magic might be the subtle scattering of sage and crushed pistachios.

On the side we get a house salad ($13; beware the honey dressing, vegans!), which never looks as fancy as their promotional photos but it still solid. The other notable treat on Green Acre's menu is their cauliflower chips (bottom right, $12), which are barely crispy but still darn good with a slather of chipotle aioli.

The bases have that stretchy, slightly charred character of a good wood-fired pizza, and I think the high-quality vegan cheeses really make a difference. It's high time we extend ourselves to some of the other topping combinations - there's mushrooms, potatoes, greens and olives to be explored.

Green Acre Pizza
328 Victoria St, Brunswick
9381 5763

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