Monday, December 28, 2015

Wide Open Road V

December 19, 2015

It would be fair to say that we're regulars at Wide Open Road (they know Michael by name and coffee order these days). Our most recent visit was an early Saturday morning forecast to be a scorcher, so Michael flipped his coffee to their cold brew with condensed milk on the side ($5).

He turned up the heat with a generous dose of chilli sauce on a plate of corn, black bean and smoked mozzarella tortillas with chipotle lime creme fraiche and fried eggs ($16.50).

I took on the current French toast option, a refreshing take on the summer pudding ($16.50), featuring: barely-battered brioche stuffed with juicy berries; pistachios, lemon curd and freeze-dried berries to drag the bread through; and a moussey block of vanilla yoghurt semi-freddo. This dish gracefully hurdles the high bar that Wide Open Road has been maintaining for years. Here's hoping it sticks around all summer long.

The current menu holds clearly marked gluten-free options (including Michael's tortillas above) and vegan options on the chia pudding, fancy toast and a lunchtime Moroccan salad.


You can read about one, two, three, four of our previous visits on the blog. Since that last post it's received positive coverage on BLK's Food Blog, frenchtoastandindiepop and MELBOURNE VITA (where I first saw that French toast!).


Wide Open Road
274 Barkly St, Brunswick
9387 6079
menu: food, drinks, specials

Accessibility: Tables outside are on a sloping footpath and there are a couple of steps up on entry. There's a fair bit of space inside, although they manage to squeeze plenty of tables in there. There's full table service. The toilets are tucked away out the back, are gendered and fully accessible.