Sunday, January 18, 2015

Supercharger II

Edit 15/04/2018: Supercharger has closed in the past week.

January 2, 2015

We might be developing a very specific Supercharger habit - our second visit also served as an early Friday night dinner before hitting the nearby cinema. Though we were now familiar with their paper-and-pencil ordering approach, we still took some time to mull over the options available to us. There'd been a few minor swaps in the menu and we did our best to mix new offerings with the dishes we were sad to miss the first time around.

Keen to base my meal on the mashed potato with mustard seeds, I elected for the India-themed dishes - dahl ka deewana (pictured above, centre), chickpea chole (front left), fermented carrot with cumin seeds and a coconut yoghurt-based raita (main bowl; $12.80). The carrots weren't overly pickley and tasted more of caraway than cumin to me, but I'd gladly recommend all the other components: the potatoes were fluffy, the raita sweet and cooling, the chole all warmly spiced sweet'n'sour tomato, and the dahl like a low-fat dahl makhani, with four kinds of legume and many more spices besides. A carrot, orange, ginger and cardamom blast (tall jar; $7.80) proved refreshing and complementary.

Michael started with steamed quinoa, '10 sec. broccoli w sweet tamari & ginger dressing' and a disconcertingly grey but actually-very-tasty cauliflower, black turtle bean, turmeric and curry leaf smash. There were even louder flavours in the tofu simmered in tom yum broth, and the carrot & bean khadi with coconut, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal & lime ($12.80 all up).

Our second Supercharger experience reinforced everything we learned on our first - the food is fresh, nutritious, generously portioned and reasonably priced - not something we habitually encounter in the city.


You can read about our first visit to Supercharger here. Since then it's received blog love from Veganopoulous, quinces and kale and The Good Hearted.

Level 3 Emporium, 287 Lonsdale St Melbourne
9020 4334
menu: one, two
facebook page

Accessibility: The entry from Emporium is flat and wide. All ordering options are visible from low counter height; we ordered and paid at this counter. We picked up food from a high bench, though I'm sure accommodations could be made. Toilets are elsewhere in the Emporium complex.


  1. I love supercharger! Mostly because it's food that makes you feel GOOD. :-) Have tried to replicate their kale sauce, but mine came out revolting :-(

    1. Hiya Kate! I don't think I've tried the kale sauce - I will keep an eye out for that next time.