Friday, July 26, 2013


July 10, 2013

We made good use of our short stopover in Brisbane, following up our fancy schmancy dinner with breakfast at Spring, one of the trendier restaurants in the CBD. It's mostly lauded for its lunch and dinner options, but we were keen to see how they did at breakfast. At 9ish on a work day there's a steady stream of office workers grabbing takeaway coffees and a growing number of morning meetings getting underway. Still, there was no issue securing a table. The space itself is lovely - lots of light and a lovely array of flowers and plants scattered throughout - it's very stylish.

The menu is pretty straightforward - nothing too innovative, but a nice selection of sweet and savoury dishes. Vegetarians can choose from any of the sweets or go for something eggy. Vegans don't have many options - they could grab something simple like avocado on toast ($10), but that's about it.

I went for baked eggs, with tomato sauce, basil, bocconcini and toast ($14). In spite of the surprisingly big chunk of tomato floating in this dish, it hit the mark nicely - a rich and slightly sweet sauce slathered over nicely cooked eggs dotted with torn up cheese. The nuts on top were a bonus.

Cindy went for the brioche French toast with stewed rhubarb, apple and cinnamon sugar ($12).

I'll admit to having slight order envy about this - it looked amazing. The cinnamon flavour was a bit lacking, and Cindy would have enjoyed something a bit more syruppy or creamy to break up the bread, but the fruit was enough to cut through the dryness. A pretty satisfactory sweet treat.

Our whole experience at Spring was pretty solid - the service was efficient, the coffee good and both our meals were well executed. The prices were great too - we're getting used to paying $18 or something for breakfast down here these days, so it was impressive to see almost everything on the menu coming in under $15. Spring is a welcome addition to Brisbane's CBD, which has historically been very, very dull when it comes to breakfast options - we'd swing by again if we didn't have time to get out to West End or New Farm.


There are loads of positive reviews out there about the meaty dinner and lunch options at Spring,  but James and Matt have had a good vegan experience there. The few bloggers who've sampled the breakfast options at Spring have been pretty positive as well - check out DolceBunnie and Gluten-Free Julia.

26 Felix St, Brisbane QLD
(07) 3229 0460
veggie breakfasts, $7-$14

Accessibility: The entry is flat and wide and everything's pretty spacious inside. You order at the table and pay at a low register. We didn't visit the toilets.


  1. Hi guys, you've posted about Brisbane a couple of times now. Is it a good place to visit? My brother said there's not much to do there?

    1. Hi tytty! We go to Brisbane because we have friends and family there, not so much for the sights.

      I think GoMA is awesome, though. Otherwise Brisbane's probably best for day trips to the beach and hinterland out of town.