Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sun Day Burgers

June 17, 2012
The Mauerpark Flohmarkt (fleamarket) is widely recommended to visitors of Berlin so we blocked out some time to see it on Sunday. There's food, hand-crafted items, imported trinkets and touristy souvenirs but the market is actually dominated by folks selling second-hand goods. We didn't find much to excite us besides the Sun Day Burger stand, which opens at 11am.

The name's a good fit, seeing as they serve almost exclusively tofu burgers (~3.5€ ~ AU$4.30 each), and here only on Sundays. The tofu is sliced thinly, marinated in soy sauce and ginger, barbecued and stuffed into a wholemeal bun with lettuce tomato, beetroot (!), cucumber, fried onions, fresh coriander, sprouts and your choice of chipotle chili marmalade, Thai peanut sauce or mango chutney. I love the nutty not-too-chewy bun and the freshness bursting from this burger; you won't go wrong with any of the condiments.

On this day they were also offering fruit punch with the burgers for a little extra - definitely worth the punt. And I noticed that in addition to being totally vegan, Sun Day Burgers offer a gluten-free option, something we rarely observed in Berlin!

If you have the time to stick around 'til mid-afternoon, we hear the Mauerpark Sunday afternoon karaoke is worth a look. We had to get on our bikes and cross town, and missed it.

Mauerpark's Flohrmarkt and Sun Day Burgers are also recommended on after hours, Vegan Miam and Lense Fare.

Sun Day Burgers
Mauerpark Flohmarkt on Sundays
Bernauer Straße 13355 Berlin
burgers ~3.5€ ~ AU$4.30

Accessibility: The stand is set within the Mauerpark Flohmarkt, which is crowded and has uneven ground. Ordering, payment and pick-up all happen at a high counter (see photo).

 Market entry from Mauerpark

Fresh produce for some...

 ... second-hand stuff for all!

 Vegan cake, purchased from a bakery near the Bernauer Strasse entrance

 Stickers near our hired bikes: 'vegan' vs 'FUCK YOGA'

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  1. Something about sunflower seeds on a dark glossy bun is incredibly saliva-inducing!