Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 9, 2008: I Carusi II

I arrived home in time for dinner on Tuesday night, though not really in time to shop and cook for it. Thus, Michael and I headed to I Carusi for pizza - given the freezing drizzle that Melbourne 'welcomed' me with, I needed a reminder of the finer things this city has to offer.

I Carusi's looking a little slicker out front than last time (professionally painted signage!*), though their MO remains unchanged - high quality mid-price pizzas and accoutrements. Michael generously allowed me to choose the two pizzas we'd share, and I tried to reciprocate by picking some toppings I knew he'd particularly like. Up top there is the Broccoli ($13): "in bianco, fior di latte, broccoli, lemon, chilli & parmeggiano". The freshness of the ingredients made it great, though the uneven distribution of the chilli created a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

This is the No. 26 ($13.50): "gorgonzola, sauteed leeks, fior di latte, in bianco". So rich, soooo good. I am starting to get the hang of these pungent cheeses! The only disappointment was a slightly burnt crust - the ugly shadows my photography cast do not account for all of that darkness around the edges!

I probably wouldn't be subjecting you to these terrible photos at all, except that this time I ordered dessert. This is the dark chocolate and strawberry dessert pizza ($12). I'm generally a little wary of dessert pizzas - a chewy, bready crust is no match for some buttery pastry as far as I'm concerned. But I Carusi did it well. Fresh from the oven, the base was soft and not too thick or rich - a fine vessel for the dominating gooey molten chocolate.

*Edit 21/09/08: Actually, the signage probably isn't new at all - I just caught sight of it in full daylight and it's as cutely uneven as ever.

You can read about our previous visit to I Carusi here.

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