Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Stockholm, week 2

April 23-30, 2016

Week 2 in Stockholm involved a little less eating out - I cooked up a few old favourites in the kitchen at home, but still found time to get out and about a bit.

I took advantage of a gloriously sunny afternoon on Tuesday to revisit Herman's - a classic stop on any veggie tour of Stockholm. The key attraction is the beautiful view over the harbour, but the 120kr ($19.70) buffet is excellent value as well. I had two full plates of deliciousness, including a couple of different curries, some pizza slices, lasagne, salads, veggie sand some weird little sweet mock-meat cubes. There's nothing fancy about the Herman's dining experience, but there's a huge range of food and the prices are very reasonable (at least when you approach with the two-plate enthusiasm that I did).

Wednesday I had a gap between work and netball, so I dropped by Lao Wai to see if it was still as excellent as I remembered it. It's definitely still as popular - even turning by myself at 5:30 I was almost turned away. I luckily snagged a table and ordered a serve of the Jia Chang Dou Fu (220kr/$36.10). This is a spicy Sichuan dish with smoked tofu, taro, shiitake mushrooms, veggies and fermented black beans. It's a huge serve of food, and quite pricey, so you'd be better off taking a bunch of people and sharing things around. It's an excellent dish though - spicy and rich, with loads of interesting textures. Lao Wai is one of the few all-vegan places in town too, so it's definitely worth a look.

I had another quick dinner later in the week at FLFL, an all vegetarian Middle Eastern joint near my apartment. It's popular and dim, so the photos aren't much chop, but the food was great - this is the FLFL 'Meatballz Surprise' (145kr/$23.80). It's a veritable feast - two little bread pockets stuffed with meatball-textured falafels, slathered in a spicy tomato sauce, a half eggplant with salad and tahini, your choice of salads and a big bowl of hummus.

When the weekend rolled around, I decided to head out into Sodermalm in search of brunch. It's Stockholm's hipster neighbourhood, and Greasy Spoon would fit right in to Brunswick or Fitzroy - there was a queue out the door at 9:00, and the menu was stuffed full of smashed avo and fancy pancakes. I ordered the full veggie (155kr/$25.40), a massive plate of sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, beans, toast and a house-made rosti.

Added bonus: the flat whites are great, I'll definitely be back.

Once brekkie had settled, I kept up my hipster-heavy Saturday and wandered down to the food truck market on the Hornstull strand. There are a couple of entirely vegan trucks, and most of the omni ones have good options, so it's a great place to head for lunch.

I went to Vegan Soul Train and sampled the Pamela Anderson burger - a fish patty with a chilli and lime sauce, some salad and some veggie caviar (80kr/$13.10). It was messy, delicious junk food, made all the better by the burst of sunshine and relative warmth that accompanied it.

I'm really enjoying my time here so far - the city is beautiful and veggie food is plentiful. Plus there are tons of wonderful birds to track down - this green woodpecker is the trip highlight so far. 

Stay tuned for weeks 3 and 4 - the food posts might get a bit more expansive once Cindy arrives!

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