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January 4, 2015

After working all week on a grant application, I took a day off to enjoy a special meal with Michael. We sauntered into Chin Chin for a meal at the bar, walked a portion of it off and then circled back to Supernormal for dessert. They, too, found us a free spot at their bar.

Though the 9 spice chai latte sounded promising, I went for a more delicate pot of jasmine green tea ($5) - it was as lovely to inhale as it was to drink.

Choosing among the desserts was tough and we vacillated a while between different possible combinations. In an uncharacteristic move I looked past the famous peanut butter parfait to the lighter, fruitier offerings. The apricot kernel custard was a refreshing and worthy alternative, dotted with aloe vera gel and scattered with sour fresh and freeze-dried raspberries ($15).

The soft serve ($9) had a different charm altogether with dual swirls of tangy pink lady and subtly savoury miso icecream, garnished with sesame wafers. I'd recommend sharing the generous portion with a broad-minded companion.

I've long had a soft spot for the desserts at McConnell's various restaurants - Supernormal certainly upholds that high standard, and offers some new flourishes of its own.



180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
9650 8688

Accessibility: Looking good - a wide entry and flat interior with a lift to at least one accessibility-marked toilet. (We also noticed a customer in a wheelchair seated at a low table during our visit.) There's full table service.

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