Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Eat Pizza III

October 27, 2013

Our recent house move has taken us out of the delivery catchment of Madame K's Vegetarian and, much to our disappointment, not quite within delivery distance of Eat Pizza Maribyrnong. We envy west-siders like The Moody Noodles, who've become regular customers of the Footscray outlet. They shared their good fortune with us, ordering ahead while we travelled to their home.

Eat Pizza does the standard string of margheritas, capricciosas, meat lovers and supremes, but with the added options of vegan cheese, mock meat and gluten-free bases. I tried the gluten-free base with their garlic toppings (garlic with olive oil, cheese and parsley, $8 + $3 gluten-free + $3 vegan cheese) and was impressed - while it's not quite as puffy as the standard dough there's a real breadiness to it, and no alterna-flour aftertaste.

(Note that the garlic pizza is not usually garnished with $20 notes - it's just our preferred serving style when splitting with friends.)

Toby, Michael and I went the full gluten treatment, sharing large vegetarian-with-salami ($13 + $4 vegan cheese + $4 vegan salami) and Hawaiian ($13 + $4 vegan cheese + $4 vegan ham) pizzas. This pairing was highly satisfying, and bridged the emotive "does pineapple belong on pizza?" divide among us.

While Eat Pizza is best suited to westside vegos, we're willing to travel for the odd nostalgic indulgence. We'll have to check out their city store too.


We've written about the Maribynong Eat Pizza before here and here. Since then it's also received a write-up from The Good Hearted.

Eat Pizza
7/203 Ballarat Rd, Footscray
9317 3177
veg pizzas $9-28
Eat Pizza's website has been 'under construction' for up to a year

Accessibility: delivered to selected suburbs (though sadly not ours).


  1. I honestly think pizza is my favourite vegetable

  2. Hahhaa omg... That's hysterical because my sister and I used to have that same argument about pineapples on pizza all the time growing up! Till this day, I don't think I can make up my mind about that. My workmates and I always order food to eat together for our Friday lunches and a number of them are vegetarians so I'm going to try and organise lunch from this place since we're based in the West as well!