Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss Marmalade II

April 7, 2012
Saturday started early, with Cindy and I heading off to meet some friends at Miss Marmalade for breakfast. Like many of Melbourne's cafes, Miss Marmalade barely paused for the Easter weekend and was open and busy by the time we arrived at 9. The menu hasn't changed much since we last visited, with a decent variety of sweet and savoury veg breakfasts to choose from.

Cindy ordered the same thing I'd had last time (minus the egg), the farmer's market breakfast (home made corn bread, hash potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and the pick of market vegetables with micro herbs and avocado crush, $15.50).

Look at all those colours! The little crispy fried potato pieces were Cindy's favourite, but there's something deeply satisfying about a plate full of fresh, high quality vegetables to start the day. There's some pretty excellent corn bread hiding under there somewhere too.

I had an inexplicable urge for something sweet and opted for the Myrtleford ricotta, blueberry and vanilla bean hotcakes with poached plums and amaretto mascarpone ($15.50).

These fluffy, berry-stuffed hotcakes were top notch, with the generous slathering of mascarpone really making this feel like a ridiculously indulgent breakfast. As good as it was, I quickly found myself envying the hash browns and scrambled eggs on friends' plates - I think I need to stick to savoury in future.

We had great coffee and excellent service again -it's worth noting that they're very happy to provide gluten-free versions of their menu and are generally pretty flexible and helpful. Miss Marmalade is a great little local cafe - stop in if you're in the neighbourhood.


Read about our first visit to Miss Marmalade here. Since then, katealice cookbook, Temasek, Let's Get Fat Together and CHOMP and SLURP have positively reviewed it.


Miss Marmalade

126 Union Street, Brunswick
9388 8202
veg dishes $6 - $16.50

Accessibility: The entryway is flat and the interior is relatively spacious. Ordering happens at the table while payment takes place at a low-ish counter. We didn't visit the loos but a few reviewers have particularly noted the baby-friendliness of the facilities.

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