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October 31, 2011
After lunch Michael and I roamed the streets of Collingwood and Fitzroy for a couple of hours, looking at new shop fronts and street art. Though it's by no means new, it was also a nice opportunity to try Shocolate properly for the first time. I was actually quite oblivious to their prize-winning macaron but remembered a very positive review of this chocolatier appearing on fitzroyalty when it first opened.

It wasn't really clear on entering what the protocol was - table service or order at the counter? I inspected the fancy desserts in the display case and ordered straight up. It was only afterwards that I noticed a full printed menu (an almost year-old version is available on their website) better describing their full scope: hand-made chocolates, icecreams and other desserts, chocolatey beverages (including cocktails!) and a kids' menu. There's a substantial mark-up for eating in over takeaway.

The Bombay dessert ($14) arrived on a chocolate-smeared plate, a glossy chocolate dome with a chocolate tendril holding a clump of real gold leaf aloft, edible glitter everywhere. Thankfully there's flavour and texture to support this showmanship: inside is a sponge cake base, almonds, hazelnut mousse and a lovely hint of cardamom.

It's all a bit extravagant, but not unreasonably priced if you're after something glitzy. A carefully home-delivered dessert from Shocolate could make a fine gift for your favourite sweet-tooth.


3/296 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
9415 6556
fancy desserts $14

Accessibility: There are a couple of steps up on your way in; tables are medium-crowded. I ordered and paid at the counter, but table service may be an option.

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