Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 19, 2010: Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart

Keira from Around The World Vegan recently got the scoop on a new vegetarian grocery, Global Green, perched on the western side of the Queen Victoria Markets.  I eagerly stopped by the very next Saturday, strategically scheduling my visit to coincide with the 11am tastings that Keira mentioned.  When I arrived I was also greeted by the lovely Christine (whom Keira met), and she treated me to samples of stir-fried mock mutton and diced faux-chicken in a terrific tomato-chilli sauce.

As I enjoyed this late-morning snack I browsed the shelves.  With freezers full of mock meats, plenty of soy products and lots of condiments, there's a distinctly Asian bent; there are also a few veg*n bonuses such as Soyatoo cream, soy condensed milk and Cheezly.  Global Green stocks many products that were first introduced to me at Vincent Vegetarian Food - as well as the extensive mock meat selection, I was mighty pleased to see the brands of vegetarian 'oyster' sauce, 'fish' sauce and barbecue sauce that I've grown to love this year.

Global Green isn't actually a place to buy your fresh leafy greens but there's plenty of those across the street.  Instead I'd recommend any vegetarians frequenting the markets pay this shop a visit for a few unique treats that'll sit happily in your pantry or freezer before making their way to your belly.

Address: Shop 1/33 Peel St, West Melbourne
Ph: 9326 9686
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30am-6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm with tastings 11am Saturdays

Edit 26/01/2011: Global Green has recently moved to 105 South Rd, Braybrook.  You can keep updated with them via their website or facebook.


  1. Is it bad that a strong part of me wants to go to Melbourne just to explore this place... and then maybe squeeze in a visit to my brother who lives there? :D

    Did they happen to have soy sweetened condensed milk, by any chance? I've been wondering if that even exists...

  2. Gosh, this looks like just the place to pop by for a visit! I'll have to run along soon after I get back to Melb.

  3. Hannah (The other one)2:05 pm, June 29, 2010

    I love this place - they sell some chicken satay skewers that are amazing - spicier and I think better than Veety Bites. Fingers crossed they will start stocking La Panella pies - then I'll be one happy chick.

  4. Hannah, I think I saw sweetened condensed soy milk, though it may just have been evaporated-style soy milk. I will keep an eye out next time and let you know. Or you could just make that trip and check yourself. :-D

    You absolutely should, Celeste!

    Hi also-Hannah ;-) - I'll keep an eye out for those satay sticks next time, yum!

  5. AMAZING. I'll be stocking up next Melbourne trip. I don't think it's condensed milk, just soy creamy cooking milk, pretty sure you can get it in woolworths/coles...well you can in Adelaide at least :)

  6. Hi Sarah - yes, the 'evaporated' stuff can be found in a lot of supermarkets now. However I do believe a sweetened condensed soy milk exists! If I'm not mistaken, Radical Grocery has offered it on occasions and I think I spied it on the shelves here at Global Green too.

  7. Went down on Saturday and mentioned that I heard of them through the blog (little plug for you). Great selection of frozen mock goods, plus good 2 minute noodle selections. I did buy some vegan pies from there, not sure if they're La Panella. The attendants were very friendly and it was a nice experience all round.

  8. Hi Nudbot - thanks for mentioning us. :-)

    When I stopped by I told Christine about the original post on ATWV and we ended up chatting about local veg food blogs and businesses for a bit - it's good to develop a supportive community. :-)

  9. Hey Cindy,

    We certainly do have sweetened vegan condensed milk at Rad Groc, its GM free too. Our website is really out of date though so it's not up there yet.
    The one available at some of the big supermarkets isn't sweetened, is made by Nestle and is probably GM.

  10. Hi Anikee! Thanks for confirming those details. :-)

  11. The Asian Grocery Richmond Supermarket at 200 Victoria Street, Richmond has vegetarian fish sauce at $2.10 per bottle