Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 1, 2007: To eat or not to eat?

Which of these two pictures gets your mouth watering?

On the left is a cake of soap.

On the right; chocolate stones.


  1. My eyes tell me I would definitely prefer to bit into the soap! How do the chocolate stones taste?

  2. The chocolate stones are a fascinating concept given that real rocks and stones have no flavour as they don't give off the gases that inspire taste and smell.

  3. That must be why one-year-old Thomas tries to eat soap. He doesn't know it is soap.

  4. Happy birthday (for yesterday), beef girl.

  5. Sadly I haven't tried them, Johanna - one of my travelling companions bought both items as gifts while in Perth. I gather the stones are candy-coated and so are similar to smarties or m&ms.

    Sticky, since I didn't get past the plastic these stones didn't smell much either! Your nerdy info is always welcome here. :-)

    Kitchen Hand, perhaps this is more like what Thomas sees every time he encounters soap! I can't imagine how he gets beyond the smell.

    Thanks Mark! :-D