Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 16, 2007: San Churro

Update, 31/12/2014: San Churro has moved a couple of doors down the street to 275 Brunswick St, and has been replaced at this address by B'Stilla Cantina.

We followed up our dinner at Coyote Cafe with dessert at San Churro - another place that we've long been meaning to eat at. It's pretty crowded on a Friday night, but we managed to snag an outdoor table and Jo shouldered her way in to order for us. The hot chocolate I had was a little disappointing - I just found it way too thick. And too hot - by the time it was cool enough to drink, a horrible skin had formed on top.

The churros were pretty good though - maybe not as fresh as would be ideal, but still a fairly successful late night dessert option. Particularly with the fine dark chocolate dipping sauce on offer.

So it was, like our dinner before it, a little hit and miss. I think in future if I'm after a late-night dessert in the inner-north, I'll stick with Koko Black.

Address: 277b Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Ph: 9419 9936
Price: $8.90 for the churros, I can't remember how much the drinks cost (and Cindy didn't take any notes!)


  1. Ok - sounds underwhelming. I love Koko Black too, and Cacao in St.Kilda for chockie, though my local bakery, Noisette makes the same hot chocolate as Cacao and sells their hand made chocolates, so I can waddle there for a fix, a croissant and les macarons.

    I love churros - especially the ones at Movida. But I am a sucker for the Vic Market ones and yesterday had heavenly ones at The Harvest Picnic at Werribee Mansion, stuffed full of dulce de leche - a milk caramel - or chocolate. They had a big one on a skewer too, ideal for dipping, but a girl has her limits when there was Timboon Turkish Delight ice cream on offer for sweets too ;-)

  2. Sticky, there are just too many great desserts to fit into the life of one little stomach!! I've had the pleasure of eating some of the fresh churros at the Vic Market and am saving up some of your other recommendations.