Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Fan's Notes IV

January 22, 2018

A Fan's Notes is still doing its fancy Friday night degustations, but for the rest of the week it's firmly a vegan-friendly dive bar. There are parmas, burgers, cheap tacos and so forth, plus reasonably priced booze, pub trivia and the occasional gig. It's a perfect little local. We noticed their Monday night specials - $5 vegan burgers - and couldn't resist heading along to check it out.

Of course, so did almost everyone else in the greater Melbourne area. When we got there about 7, the staff were visibly shell-shocked from the early rush and couldn't even tell us whether there'd be food available if we stuck around. The kitchen was closed temporarily and they suggested we check back in half an hour to see where things stood. We kicked back with drinks as things died down and were lucky that there turned out to be a few burgers left once the first wave of orders had been dealt with. Cindy requested the fish burger (a nori, tofu and lemon patty), while I went for the chilli burger (quinoa and beetroot patty with chipotle coleslaw, tomato and avocado).

At $5 a pop I had pretty low expectations, but these were both fantastic, way ahead of the more common mushroom or potato-based veggie patties and loaded with great condiments. The $5 price also brings out masses of people - too many for the kitchen to realistically handle. We've just seen that in future the Monday special is going to be a $15 drink/chips/burger combo, which still seems like an outrageously good deal - can't wait to check it out.


Nobody's blogged this place since we visited in December. You can also see our previous posts here and here.

A Fan's Notes
787 Nicholson St, Carlton North
9943 8373
burger menu
facebook page

Accessibility: There's a flat entry way to a slightly crowded interior. We ordered and paid at the high bar. There's a single, unisex toilet cubicle, which is up a step off an uneven path. 


  1. I have added this place to my Google maps!
    Nothing like a deal to get vegans swarming in. There is a pub here that has vegan burgers and does a burger special on Tuesdays. One day someone shared it with the vegan FB group. The next Tuesday they sold out of burgers and even for anything else was an hour wait on food!

    1. Wow! I think we have the same swarming behaviour here in Melbourne sometimes. :)

  2. You can cheerfu1lly thank urbanlist for fucking me that day, by putting $5 burgers up as their event of the day and not having the courtesy to let me know that 500 people had expressed an interest in it. Good times.... But i'm glad you enjoy it. Numbers have steadied now
    and that was just a one off scheleping