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The Laundromat Cafe

June 24, 2012

We didn't have a lot of time on our last day in Reykjavik - just enough for a quick trip up Hallgrímskirkja (see photos below) and a late breakfast before we had to jump on the airport bus and fly off this weird little chunk of volcanic rock. We breakfasted at The Laundromat Cafe (another of Marieke's many helpful suggestions), alongside a mix of hungover locals and bright-eyed tourists.

The weekend menu has a good number of vegetarian dishes (and apparently will do a good vegan spread if you ask them). I was hungry enough to go for the big one, the clean brunch - scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, grilled tomato, Stori Dimon cheese, chocolate butter, Greek yoghurt with muesli, American pancakes and fruit, served with rye bread and a small glass of mango/ginger health drink (2290kr ~ AU$17.80).

I must admit that reading that description had me imagining a platter of food almost as big as the table, so the artfully arranged plate of goodies seemed a bit on the small side. Also, there was no chocolate butter! Outrageous. Still, this is a pretty great spread - a good mix of sweet and savoury that leaves you full and feeling vaguely virtuous (especially without the chocolate butter!).

My 'health drink' was basically a small juice - it didn't do as much as the coffee I ordered to make me feel healthy though. Cindy went for a bigger drink, a raspberry smoothie (800kr ~ AU$6), which was as good as all the Nordic dairy products we sampled.

She had a more modest breakfast though, settling for a serve of the pancakes (790kr ~ AU$6.15).

This was a pretty simple breakfast - five thickish pancakes with a smear of butter and a pot of maple syrup. They were nothing like pancakes really, but still served as a decent vessel for syrup. A few berries or something would have kicked this up a notch.

The Laundromat is a big and bustling cafe right in the middle of Reykjavik. The prices aren't too ridiculous and the menu offers veg-friendly breakfasts, lunches and burgers. Service is friendly and pretty efficient - it's definitely worth checking out. They also provide an actual laundromat downstairs somewhere, which might come in handy if you're not staying in an apartment like we were.


The Laundromat
Austurstræti 9, Reykjavik
+354 587 75 55
breakfasts 790 - 2290kr ~ AU$6.15 - 17.80

Accessibility: There's a couple of very small steps as you come in. The interior is large but pretty crowded when they're busy (which seemed to be all the time). Ordering happens at the table, while payment takes place alongside (not across) a high counter.

Looking at Hallgrímskirkja from outside...

 ... and looking at the outside from Hallgrímskirkja

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