Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Green Mans Arms III

March 1, 2021


Green Man's Arms has changed up its menu since our pre-COVID visits. A highlight of their current menu is the vegan charcuterie ($20, with a gluten-free option). It's a gorgeous platter of focaccia, olives, pumpkin and eggplant dips, macadamia-based feta, and a wide assortment of fresh and pickled vegetables. Nestled between the pumpkin dip and focaccia, there are also a few discs of mock chorizo - I enjoyed their nutty, salty flavour without any point of reference and my more chorizo-familiar companion was really impressed by them.

We ordered this plate in its ideal context - when we had plenty of time to pick over it, and over the movie we'd just watched across the street at Nova.

You can read about our previous visits to Green Man's Arms here and here. Since then it's been blogged by Olive SundaysGreen Gourmet Giraffe and Whatever Floats Your Bloat.

Green Man's Arms
418 Lygon St, Carlton
9347 7419

Accessibility: The entry has a small lip from the street and there's a step up between the front bar and the dining room. There's full table service in the dining room. Toilets are gendered and located on the same level as the dining area.


  1. Oh so fancy! I love how fresh it all looks.

  2. Looks delicious - I need to go there soon - perhaps with a movie at the nova! (what movie did you see - there seem a few good ones around just now)