Monday, December 08, 2008

December 7, 2008: Concorde crepes

January 2016: Doing a bit of blog tidying up and it looks like this place has been closed for ages.

Local blogs tummy rumbles and Melbourne Gastronome recommend plenty of tasty and affordable meals around the city, but most of them are closed to the weekender like me. Not so Concorde Crepes (reviewed by Mellie here). This stand, located on the Elizabeth St side of GPO, was open and poised to crank 'em out at lunch time on Sunday.

At first glance the menu's got quite the variety of meat going on, but there are actually plenty of vegetarian options too: vegemite and Jarlsberg cheese; tomato, basil and mozzarella; egg, cheese and parsley; even one with chilli beans! Michael opted for a filling of grilled veges, basil, goat cheese and spinach ($9.90) and was thoroughly impressed. I'd be surprised if any of the others could hold a candle to my crepe (pictured above), which featured Swiss brown mushrooms, thyme, spinach and 3 cheeses ($8.90). Three cheeses is potentially a recipe for wrongness (think congealed oily ooziness everywhere) but these folks get it so, so right - there's just enough curd to meld together the mushrooms and spinach in savoury perfection.

If you're after something on the sweeter end of the scale, they've got you covered with a few classics - lemon and sugar ($4.90, tested and approved!), jam, honey or banana and nutella. There's a couple more elaborate fruit-based ones, but don't go expecting lavish plates tizzed up with aerosol cream and icing sugar; this stand is augmented with only four seats (and smoking-friendly ones at that) so everything's designed to be enjoyed on your feet and potentially with one hand.

Address: corner of Elizabeth and Little Bourke Sts, outside GPO
Price: veg crepes $4.90-$9.90


  1. Yeah, those crepe people are part of the AIX crew, I believe.

    I do enjoy the cheesy, mushroom, spinach goodness and despite my reformed vegetarian ways, I still lean towards vegetarian options. I have a friend who is hooked on the BLT crepes, blasphemy, I say!

    And that isn't just because I have something against bacon.

  2. I need to go with one of those almond, ricotta, banana ones. Hmm...I can feel a breakfast craving coming on! ;-)

  3. Bunches - I still remember well the lure of bacon, but on a crepe? I'm not entirely convinced either. I suppose that if anyone could pull it off, it'd be these Concorde folks.

    Mellie, I'd like to try that one too. Will have to keep both hands (and mouth) at the ready to scoop up miscreant fillings, I think!

  4. If you go there often enough the staff will know what you want any way. I have been going to the city a lot recently and always stop by even if I only have a crepe once per week.

  5. Hey Tim! It's unlikely I'll win their star treatment since I rarely visit the city, but it's great that they recognise their regular customers. :-)