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Rin Sura

November 28, 2019

We were sad when Handsome Her packed up their cafe in Brunswick and we barely paid attention to Rin Sura, which took their place on Sydney Road. It didn't take long for word of mouth to kick in though, with a couple of different people recommending we try it out. We called in on a sunny Thursday arvo to see what they had to offer.

The courtyard is lovely in good weather - the perfect place to pick through their menu. Cindy was pleased to see a decent list of non-alcoholic drinks, and ordered a coconut virgin mojito ($10). There's a good selection of vegan options scattered throughout - we started with a serve of pan-fried Thai frittata with chilli vinegar dressing ($11).

These were great - crispy on the outside and rich and tasty inside. An excellent start. We followed with a serve of the papaya salad ($12) and the roasted miso pumpkin with coconut red curry and sweet potato crisps ($13). 

The papaya salad was really hot - too hot for Cindy to really enjoy - but otherwise wonderful, crispy and tangy and fresh. The miso pumpkin was maybe my favourite dish of the night - it had a good spicy hit too, with a wonderful curry/miso sauce over sweet, roasted pumpkin. We make a miso-curry pumpkin too - it's a winning flavour combo.

We finished with a serve of the fried tofu bao ($11) and the roti with homemade peanut satay (this was the only non-vegan dish we ordered, $8). The tofu bao were really excellent - pillowy buns wrapped around crispy fried tofu with garlic aioli, slaw, pickled veggies and chilli. Unbeatable. The roti was lovely too - perfectly cooked and with a rich peanut-ty dipping sauce. 

The food was so good that we decided to sample the dessert menu, sharing a Thai tea pudding served with strawberry sorbet, berries and smoky coconut caramel ($12). This hit the mark as well - the pudding was a bit jelly-ish (maybe there was some agar involved?) and its rich sweetness was cut nicely by the berries and sorbet. 

We had a lovely dinner at Rin Sura - the food hit the mark across the board and the service was lovely. It's a great addition to the strip, a mid-priced option for people looking for a somewhere a bit nice in the neighbourhood. We'll be back!

We couldn't find any other blog reviews for Rin Sura, but they're surely on their way.

Rin Sura
206 Sydney Road, Brunswick
9942 7047
non-alcohol drinks, hot drinks, sharing food, mains and dessert

Accessibility: The entry is flat, and tables are densely packed with a clear corridor through the middle. Things are a bit more spacious out the back. We ordered at the table and paid at a low counter. Toilets are unisex and accessible.

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