Friday, December 07, 2018

Happy birthday to these vegan sausage rolls

December 7, 2018

About 13 years ago, a friend shared with us a recipe for 'Liz O'Brien's non-sausage sausage rolls'. These vegetarian pastries were a wonder! Simple but unexpected ingredients like rolled oats, soy sauce, pecans and cottage cheese turned out a mock-sausage roll that had all the comfort and none of the gristle-risk of the meaty ones that I'd occasionally buy from the neighbourhood bakery.

Within a few years I had streamlined the recipe for my own convenience, and veganised it for my friends'. Today, ten years on, this is the version that's really stuck! It's still the most visited post on this blog every month, and it's been reblogged countless times by others. Commenters tell us about the veg*ns and omnivores they've fed it to, and the alterations that work for them: using different nuts, sneaking in mushrooms, chia seeds, tomato paste, herbs, or a dash of Vegemite. (Our fave is Lisa's tip on replacing the breadcrumbs with a crumbled Weet Bix, which we always have in the house.) Vicki Vegan even figured out a gluten-free version. In 2018, perhaps all that remains is to roll them into a festive wreath shape.

For all that, we reckon this original formula might still be the best. Happy birthday to these delightful little morsels.


  1. Happy birthday indeed - I have made those sausage rolls more times than I care to remember and they have made more occasions very happy - long may they live and am looking forward to the festive wreath :-)

  2. I have not seen these sausage rolls before. They are now on my list to make for our family Christmas party. Thank you and best wishes for the holiday.

  3. Have been a family favourite in our house for many years thanks to you guys